Corporate Governance, Organization and the Firm. Co-operation and Outsourcing in the Global Economy

Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance, Organization and the Firm. Co-operation and Outsourcing in the Global Economy

A cura di Mario Morroni
Saggi di: P. Cohendet, M. Damiani, S. Furnari, C. Gianelle, A. Grandori, J. Krafft, P. Llerena, M. Mazzanti, C. Ménard, S. Montresor, M. Morroni, R. Pardo, P. Pini, R. Rama, J.-L. Ravix, A. Reinstaller, G. Tattara, P. Windrum
Hardback (ISBN: 978-1-84720-820-0)
Edward Elgar Publishing
Febbraio 2009

‘In this reputable book Professor Morroni has constructed an insightful framework of three decisive factors for organizational coordination: capabilities, transaction, scale-scope. Based on these, he has knitted a splendid tapestry of theoretical and empirical information. This collection must be a standard for the theory of the firm.’
– Yuji Aruka, Chuo University, Japan

‘Organisations, networks and firms are three of the most dynamic areas of economic research. This timely book synthesises these areas in order to analyse emergent phenomena such as spatial clustering, outsourcing, relational complexity and radical technological innovation. A combination of authoritative literature reviews, novel theoretical developments and interesting case study applications makes this book essential reading for both new and established scholars in the field.’
– Mark Casson, University of Reading, UK

In recent years, applied studies have shown widespread, profound and increasing heterogeneity across firms in terms of their strategy, organization arrangement and performance. This book investigates the diversity of business firms, offering a picture of the different organizational settings they adopt in their endeavour to cope with increasing competitive pressure.
The book addresses critical theoretical issues surrounding corporate governance, organizational design and cooperative relations among firms. Moreover, it provides new evidence on the various forms of outsourcing that are playing an increasingly important role as a consequence of globalization. The contributions collected in this book stress the emergence of a trend towards a reorganization of production that can enhance the transmission, development and maintenance of knowledge in order to sustain long-run competitive advantage.
Providing original and pertinent empirical evidence, this book will attract interest from scholars and postgraduate students studying the economics and organization of the firm. It will also be of value to managers who wish to understand new developments in the organizational settings of business firms with particular reference to corporate governance, organizational design, cooperative relations,
outsourcing and de-localization.


The chapters of this book are derived from papers first presented at the international workshop on 'Internal Organization, Cooperative Relationships among Firms and Competitivness', Lucca, January 2007. The present selection contains the papers having direct relevance to the current debate on the emergent variety of organizational forms.
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